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Saitama used truck sila is acompany that promotes corporate social responsibility such as compliance with law and regulations, corporate ethics,the environment human rights issues,Contribution to social privacy policies, and stable proper handling of valuable personal information deposited as part of stakeholders trust and sympathy, we will promote the introduction of personal information protection compliance. in order to promote the introduction of perconal information protection compliance.by estsblishing the following personal information protection policy and by thoroughly and thoroughly complying with all officers and employees,we aim to futher enhance corporate value and aim of permanent development.

Privacy policy

Personal information protection poly saitama used truck, Sa ra on the Homepage,How to use this site, since it describes the handling of personal information please read carefully(personal information)

Personal information

Personal information is information that can identify individuals such as name fax number mobile phone number ,e-mail address etc provided by users.


About the use of personal information at saitama (truck sitara)

When offering personal information from customers, we will clarify the purpose of use before hand and provide it within the appropriate range.In addition, We will use personal information with in the scope of the purpose you agreed to the customer himself/her self.


  • ・We strictly manage strive to prevent leakage alteration loss, breakage and other accidents estimate of this sit personal information management.
  • ・We use SSL on the quotation information management page of this site so as not to be peeped by a third party.Treatment of personal information.
    1. In the selection of outsourcers, we have selected businesses that can handle them appropriately.
    2. We have selected.We have agreed on the handling of personal information in consignment agreement.
      1. Keeping the secret:The trader must inform other of the personal information that he knew or should not use for unfair purposes.Even after the contract is terminated or canceled.
      2. Appropriate managers must take measures necessary for proper management of personal information in addition to leakage,loss,etc.of personal information ,personal information is discarded or cleared after completion of consignment work. We stipulate proper handling matters for personal information protection,etc.

Disclosure of personal information

Exituem tri 3 Rorosoh-max AEC,Ra yjls we will deal with it.also, without the consent of the person himself ,We will not disclose or disclose personal information to third partis, but disclose the following information.

  1. Consultation that there is arequest for personal information disclosure from himself ,and that it is a request from himself/herself.
  2. In the event that it is necessary to provide to a partner business entrusting a confidentiality agreement and a business entrusted business operator to implement the purpose of use.
  3. Statistical data that needs to be provided to a person when processed in to a stste that can not be identified by the user himself / herself court or police.
  4. In the case of receiving formal disclosure request based on laws and regulations from the court or the public agency of the police station.
  5. Reason why it is urgent and unavoidable to protect human life,body or wealth etc.

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